About me

Hey you!
So nice that you want to know more about us.

This is me and my beautiful daughter Mellody.

I’m 27 and Mellody is 2 years old. We have a nice house for ourselves, and we have -3 animalfriends- at home whom you will read all about for sure!

Since i was a little girl it was very clear that I had autism. On my 18th this is actually determined by the diagnosis PDDNOS and ADD. (why not sooner? more about that later) When i was 17 I was told that they discovered arthrosis and somewhere between all of that they said i’d also have the hypermobility syndrome. Really awesome combinations!!

A big part of my life i was able to handle myself -“just” fine- with this long list of never-ending learn to live with it stuff.. But now i’m a single mom it al got so much more complicated. As a PDDNOS person I like things as structure, clarity and stability (more then just like.. ) But with a little kid you really dont have to think about things like that, forget it! whatever you planned to do, not a single day wil go as you alwasys wanted it to. there’s always something bound to happen. Like braking off your engagement… or of course a realy nasty poo diaper when you just put her good clothes on, checked her seatbelt 3times if its strapped correctly, everything you need is in the car and you’re about to turn the key to start your car.

Anyways, This caused a storm of “problems in my head” that resulted in me losing myself, and i wasn’t able to function anymore at the place where I worked. So there you are, at home.. overwrought, and now?? My life went from perfectly manageble to pregnant and engaged to being a single mom.

Now after 27years i’m finally on my road to recovery, my route, my path. i’ll walk this alone and together with my daughter. Every now and then important people in my life will walk along with me but soon i have to walk further alone. We have our ups and downs our good and bad paths.. but the finish is waiting for us, and when that day may come, i’ll be stronger then ever, for myself and for my beautiful daughter.

This is my path.

Xx Jamie.

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