Stress, stress and uhm, yeah stress..

Now I’m on my Dexamphetamine for the last 8 weeks or so I hoped that I could keep myself together during high stress moments. Unfortunately, this did not pan out as I had thought. This last month my wooden floor had to go out (the floor came up in the hallway so I couldn’t open the bedroom doors anymore especially the one of my daughter) and a new one in through the whole house except for the bathroom and toilet. This meant that we had to fix a place to sleep for Sully, my daughter and myself, and I needed to lock the cat in a room where they were not bizzy at that moment. It almost looked like we were moving out, all of our stuff had to be packed in boxes and the furniture had to move as well, so the shed was full from back to forth and bottom to top. We needed to create space so the men could keep working without anything in the way. 

WHAT A WORK!! In a stressful week like this i realize that I’m forgetting to take my medicine very easily, which only making things harder of course. When they were done laying my floor back in everything had to go back on its place. I had to sort everything out and tidy everything up. Actually i had to clean the WHOLE house from top til bottom because everywhere was sawdust. But cleaning the house properly is something i didn’t even have time for. But all my furniture got a new place to create more space. And almost al of the boxes are empty again and sorted out where they belong. 

And yet, there is always stuff you don’t use anymore or things you just don’t know where to put with everything in a new place and order. There’s also a new chores list for my dad like hanging the clock (it’s about damn time after a year living here) and a coat rack on my wall, and some other things. And of course there are always problems like you can’t connect your internet anymore because the connection point was at the other side of the living room so the cables are too short, so I had to order a new one because I came 7 meters short… Thank goodness it arrived the first following workday, so I was able to reconnect to the internet after “living in the dark” for 3 days haha 

Netflix is on, Hell yeah!! This mom her favorite thing to do, if I have some spare time. 

At the same time I had a really bad cold… Whoohooo how I love children’s daycare, they just keep infecting each other over and over again… What a party! So my energy and endurance level were so terribly low. O how happy will I be when everything is done and I can breathe through my nose again!! 

Gladly I had a lot of help from my home counseling with packing everything up in boxes, and some really good friends who helped me move around the furniture and unpacking boxes again. Without you guys I would have never be able to do this. 


Xx Jamie. 

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