SUNDAY morning…..

When your 2year old daughter decides she wants to get out of bed before 8am on a Sunday morning…

After tossing and turning for 15 minutes in my own bed I’ve decided to let the little dragon out of her castle, to put her next to me in my bed hoping to catch some more sleep or at least some extra rest.. but nothing is farther from the truth..

Her new castle bed

She’s laying calmly next to me under my blanket for 5 minutes or so. To then throw everything off the nightstand that’s on her side of the bed (thank goodness there was nothing important over there) Then in good spirits she starts at her climbing adventure over her mom! over and back again and again, what a party!!

Then she’s looking at my nightstand, there’s a phone, some bottled water and a container of medication (don’t worry it was closed!!) they’re all so interesting and staying away from them is definetly not an option when you are 2 years old. My phone goed first, but I soon recovered that so she won’t get the chance to break it even more then she already did a couple months back. Then the water bottle, she decides that se wants to drink from it so I had to open it for her. That’s perfectly fine kiddo, of course you can drink from your mom’s water bottle. To end up with the container of medicine in her hands. Because if you shake it, it makes an awesome sound and you can make your own music! But after a quick glance off her mom she knows to put the medication back sooner then she grabbed it.

Then of course she had to go back to her climbing adventure, on her mom of her mom, off the bed running through the bedroom, hallway and her own bedroom to come running back to my bed and climb on it again. This goes on and on and on until i give up on my rest and get out of my bed to make breakfast for us and start with this Sunday that started waaaaaay to early.

Xx  Jamie


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